Christian Vieler, Dog Photographer, is back!

Christian Vieler is giving UK residents another shot at getting some cool photos of their besties in Edinburgh on 2nd-5th of August, and London on 6th-8th of August.

A funny experience for my furry friend with a lot of unbelievably great photos. I can only recommend Christian’s work without reservation! 🙂

London and Edinburgh August 2024

Last time Christian was in the UK it was in Brighton and he, the dogs, and their owners all had a blast! Some of the dogs who were usually unfocussed and hyper completely surprised their owners on their big day by getting really into it.

It’s a fun time for everyone and at the end of the day there are many wonderful photos of the experience.

Here you are dealing with someone who takes a lot of time for his “models”. And you can see that in the result – absolutely recommendable.

More Than Just Dogs Catching Treats.

It’s alright if your dog doesn’t react to treats or isn’t good at catching them.

It’s a fun experience with your furry friend with wonderful photos whether they can catch the treats or not.

Christian and his team will be in London and Edinburgh for a few days in August, and it is worth it to book while they are in town as it is the last opportunity for a UK shoot until the end of 2025.

Definitely something very special and an absolute highlight for every dog owner who wants to have unforgettable pictures of their pet!

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Huge thanks to Christian for partnering with us and sharing these incredible pictures! Don’t forget you can read more faq’s and register for a shoot on his website,